The Dann Chronicles: April πŸ—£Everything everywhere, pixel artist appreciation, cult leader dads, overcoming AI bias, and stupid billionaire things
The Dann Chronicles: March ⏰Dismantling of time, stopping the clocks, brain warfare, a new type of Ukraine support, and a strong desire to Shake It Off.
Pillow height, NFT scammers, harmful heuristics, clicking cookies, and cringe rap on a whole new level.
Hobbyist horology, some self reflection, more on web3, dying with zero, and tangled-up seals.
A public act of self-destruction, eco-crypto, all your to-dos, predicting the future, and tapping your heart out.
Ephemeral notes, obtaining wealth, not investment advice, and a Metaverse faceoff. Top that!
My new digital brain, ghoulish chocolate, scammy NFTs, my fav kitchen app, and murder movie magic.
Your favorite internet stigma, gay tattoo artists, movie diaries, memories, and a senseless violent act.
An impending Brooklyn disaster, rice, ancient astronomy, indie games, and the best music video of all time
July 2021 Hey all, One of my favorite summer activities is obsessively tracking the changing sunrise/sunset times. I'll pull up several…
The Dann Chronicles is bustin' out all over (something something meadow and hill)
Dann Berg's further blurtings, et cetera et cetera