The Dann Chronicles: March 🐈Society's ills, world-changing tweets, a crazy cult, death by AI, and a well-executed TikTok trend.
The Dann Chronicles: February 💕Universal struggles of city life, the security leak that keeps getting worse, AI off-the-rails, a hobbyist "threat," and life handing you lemons
The Dann Chronicles: January 🏔Listen now | January 2023 Hey, I'm trying an experiment this year with this email newsletter: I'm adding a paid-subscription option. This paid tier…
The Dann Chronicles: December 🤖AI has arrived, my best of 2022, an energy breakthrough, the security setting you need to enable now, and my current earworm
The Dann Chronicles: November 🌬️Musk as fallible human, Schrödinger's monster, optional crypto news, fantastic retro gaming, and a little optimism.
The Dann Chronicles: October 🎃Aging on the Internet, remembering Gen X, eating 'free' in NYC, how Einstein was wrong, and a thoughtful discussion on weather apps.
The Dann Chronicles: September 🥾Inside the mind of Zuck, a bittersweet farewell, some emails from powerful people, addressing holes in the market, and a fun new nostalgia machine.
The Dann Chronicles: August 👙Saying goodbye to Google, a unique way to use TikTok, a sheep that inspires a cult, some watch recommendations, and a meditation on post-covid…
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